A Las Vegas wedding is a very special day and no one recognizes that more than Barbra Jo Batterman, the most experienced bridal makeup artist for both tourists and residents alike. Barbra Jo has been helping Las Vegas brides look their best for nearly 35 years.

“It’s an art,” says Barbra Jo, “not only doing their makeup, but calming their nerves and knowing what is needed, even when they don’t themselves.”

During the initial discussions, Barbra Jo will ascertain the needs of the bride and the bridal party. Having worked with every hotel and venue in Las Vegas, in addition to working with customs of various cultures, she knows the questions to ask and will offer many options for the bride to choose from.
Options include:

  • Airbrushing, versus traditional makeup
  • Makeup for the bridal party, in addition to the bride
  • Arrangements for hair, manicure and pedicures in room, if preferred
  • Referrals to venues, photographers, florists, etc.

Barbra Jo has found that the amazing technique of airbrushing is what most brides prefer. Airbrushing has a lightweight, flawless finish, so it will last longer than traditional makeup. In addition, it is very flattering and natural looking and results in great professional photographs.

When a bride comes in for her makeup trial, Barbra Jo looks at the shape of her face, discusses the neckline of her dress and gets a feel for her style. Depending on her hair texture and thickness, she will also determine what will look the best and be comfortable for many hours. For example, if the bride has a round face, Barbra Jo will most likely recommend an updo with a high front, to make the face appear more slender. It also depends on whether the bride is wearing a veil, tiara, or just a small decorative hair ornament.

There are lots of elements to consider when doing makeup for a bride.

Batterman also suggests during the trial that the bride bring in pictures from magazines to help give her some ideas of what she has in mind, the more the merrier. If the bride has hair accessories, she would like to see those as well.

Since it’s hard to visualize the final look without the dress, makeup and jewelry, Barbra Jo often suggests wearing a blouse or tank the same color of the dress, or bringing in pictures of the dress so that she can see the detail.  For those brides who aren’t able to come in for a trial, Barbra Jo will work her best through telephone discussions and photos of the bride, the dress, the veil and styles she prefers.

On the wedding day itself, the hair is done before the makeup. Barbra Jo is a professional hairstylist, so she can do both the makeup and the hair, or recommend other stylists that are experienced in bridal hair.