BJ Batterman


As a professional makeup artist, Barbra Jo Batterman does everything from making celebrities look flawless to transforming actors into costumed characters. Television makeup can improve or alter someone’s appearance, add character to a face, make a face appear natural under various lighting conditions or create special effects such as scars, tattoos and even alter someone’s age.

Makeup is an essential part of the television and film industry as it is often required to just retain a subject’s normal appearance due to the process of television and film, in addition to making modifications, as noted above.

For the past 35 years, Barbra Jo has been hired by film and television producers, photographers, advertising executives and celebrities to make them look good on television and in film, or in many cases, do her best to make them someone you would never recognize.

The advent of High Definition Television (HDTV) has added another layer of technique used by professional makeup artists such as Barbra Jo. With HDTV, basic makeup is necessary for someone to look natural, especially in close-ups. In addition, lighting determines what type of makeup should be used, as a made-up face would look different under studio lights or fluorescent lights, and vastly different under sunlight for an outdoor shoot.

Dick Clark Productions hired Barbra Jo to do hair and makeup for the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. She’s not only a stylist, but she coordinates all of the hair and makeup artists for the entire show. With such a massive production, it’s great to have some so professional and knowledgeable on board. We hire her for all of our Las Vegas production work as we know she’ll always do an incredible job.
— Orly Adelson, President, Dick Clark Productions



Whether doing makeup for print campaigns, print advertisements or makeup for editorial layouts, Barbra Jo Batterman has perfected her craft with print makeup through her entire Las Vegas makeup career.

Clients include major advertisers such as Longines, Canon USA and Allstate Insurance, just to name a few. Her magazine editorial work has been featured in spreads for Rolling Stone magazine, the Los Angeles Times and Vegas magazine. Print photographers from across the U.S. request Barbra Jo’s makeup expertise whenever they shoot in the Las Vegas area. She is expertly trained in all techniques and her skills in makeup application for both outdoor and in studio lighting keep her in high demand.

Barbra Jo Batterman was one of the first Las Vegas makeup artists to specialize in airbrush techniques for photo shoots, special events and weddings. Because of the lightweight coverage, airbrushing is now a staple in Barbra Jo’s makeup techniques for flawless and for picture-perfect faces in front of the camera.

Barbra Jo’s professional makeup and hair styling can be seen in magazines, catalogs, model portfolios, advertisements, billboards, corporate brochures and annual reports.

Photographers, producers, creative directors and advertising agencies say Barbra Jo has an innate sense of color and style that extends beyond her abilities as a Las Vegas makeup artist. Her approach is professional, yet personable and she goes above and beyond for her clients and the talent that she is styling.

Other clients that have hired Barbra Jo Batterman for print makeup in Las Vegas include: Southwest Airlines, Sprint, Hyatt Hotels, Southern Comfort, Wynn Resorts, ESPN Magazine, Caesars Entertainment, OK! Magazine, Bellagio Hotel & Casino, City Center and World Market Center.

Whether it’s gorgeous hair and makeup services, a fabulous fashion show venue, or the best production team, Barbra Jo Batterman is our go-to person in Las Vegas! With over 20 years plus of experience and connections in the Las Vegas area, Barbra is a consummate professional and fantastic resource! Barbra never lets us down!
— Jane Loddo, Executive Events Director, Harper's Bazaar



A Las Vegas wedding is a very special day and no one recognizes that more than Barbra Jo Batterman, the most experienced bridal makeup artist for both tourists and residents alike. Barbra Jo has been helping Las Vegas brides look their best for nearly 35 years.

“It’s an art,” says Barbra Jo, “not only doing their makeup, but calming their nerves and knowing what is needed, even when they don’t themselves.”

During the initial discussions, Barbra Jo will ascertain the needs of the bride and the bridal party. Having worked with every hotel and venue in Las Vegas, in addition to working with customs of various cultures, she knows the questions to ask and will offer many options for the bride to choose from.
Options include:

  • Airbrushing, versus traditional makeup
  • Makeup for the bridal party, in addition to the bride
  • Arrangements for hair, manicure and pedicures in room, if preferred
  • Referrals to venues, photographers, florists, etc.

Barbra Jo has found that the amazing technique of airbrushing is what most brides prefer. Airbrushing has a lightweight, flawless finish, so it will last longer than traditional makeup. In addition, it is very flattering and natural looking and results in great professional photographs.

When a bride comes in for her makeup trial, Barbra Jo looks at the shape of her face, discusses the neckline of her dress and gets a feel for her style. Depending on her hair texture and thickness, she will also determine what will look the best and be comfortable for many hours. For example, if the bride has a round face, Barbra Jo will most likely recommend an updo with a high front, to make the face appear more slender. It also depends on whether the bride is wearing a veil, tiara, or just a small decorative hair ornament.

There are lots of elements to consider when doing makeup for a bride.

Batterman also suggests during the trial that the bride bring in pictures from magazines to help give her some ideas of what she has in mind, the more the merrier. If the bride has hair accessories, she would like to see those as well.

Since it’s hard to visualize the final look without the dress, makeup and jewelry, Barbra Jo often suggests wearing a blouse or tank the same color of the dress, or bringing in pictures of the dress so that she can see the detail.  For those brides who aren’t able to come in for a trial, Barbra Jo will work her best through telephone discussions and photos of the bride, the dress, the veil and styles she prefers.

On the wedding day itself, the hair is done before the makeup. Barbra Jo is a professional hairstylist, so she can do both the makeup and the hair, or recommend other stylists that are experienced in bridal hair.




Welcome to Pride and Groom Confidential, a service dedicated to helping men take their image to a higher level through professional grooming and image consultation. It’s a proven fact that successful men are well groomed. Being well groomed first takes awareness and understanding how others see you. Is that great looking woman you’ve just met seeing your amazing personality or the unsightly hair growing out of your nose? I guarantee you she’s distracted by the nose hair at the wheel and your personality is taking backseat.

This doesn’t have to be you. I’m Barbra Jo, and I am an expert in male grooming. I can help you reach your best image potential. My services have graced the faces of Hollywood and the White House (bet you didn’t know the president wears more makeup than Hillary Clinton). Contact me for a CONFIDENTIAL consultation and grooming session. People will notice “you” for you!




Las Vegas makeup artist Barbra Jo Batterman frequently works behind the scenes at Las Vegas corporate events, fashion shows and tradeshows. Corporate clients such as Home Depot, Burger King and Hewlett Packard call on Barbra Jo to work with their executives and keynote speakers at product and pharmaceutical launches, annual meetings and conventions. Makeup and hair styling for both men and women are important to these companies making sure their speakers look their best in front of an IMEG screen or large audiences.

Other special events that hire Barbra Jo on a regular basis include award shows, fashion shows and red carpets.