TUESDAY TIPS: Men heres a tip for you

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Have you ever wondered why some men look fabulous in a pair of glasses and others, well, let's say they don't look as fashionable? It's not that one person has a more beautiful face than the other, but in some cases the man is wearing the wrong glasses for the shape of his face. 

 A couple of tips:  1) Your frames should be the same width as your temple; and 2) Line up the top of the frame with your eyebrows, then look for your cheekbones and try to find a frame that fits well and sits in a balanced way between the two.

 Faces are either round, oval, square, rectangular, diamond or triangular. The shape of your face determines whether you should select frames that have straight lines on the top and the side, ones with a straight bottom, or whether you should avoid round glasses or curved sides. In addition to the shape of the frame, some men will look better with wire rimmed, a colored rim or no rim at all.

If you're not sure what type of face you have, call me and we can book a short Skype session, if we can't meet in person. I can also make recommendations on what type of glasses would look best on your face and some great places that have a wide selection.

I'd recommend not buying a pair of glasses online. Fit, as well as trying on a wide selection of frames is worth the time and effort.

Everyone can look great in glasses, it's about finding what looks best on you!

Barbra Jo Batterman