makeup brushes

Years ago, makeup brushes were a tool used only by professionals, and consumers were forced to make do with those little swabs and cheap substitutes. 

Obviously, that is no longer the case, and niche brands trail-blazed the makeup artist/makeup line path, making professional grade brushes available to anyone.

So, what to buy and how much should you spend? 

Well, you don't have to spend a fortune, but good brushes can last a lifetime if you use them right and clean them properly (if you missed my post "How to clean your brushes," click here). 

Some that I personally like, include synthetic concealer brushes, especially the concealer brush from Nars. The brush is thick enough, but firm, saving time when applying concealer without pulling the skin under my client's eyes. 

I also like brushes made from squirrel hair, as they are soft. They are great for blending, as are sable brushes.

Overall, Make Up Forever has a great line of brushes, as does MAC. MAC's 219 pencil-shaped brush is great for precise shading on the lid, in eye creases or along the lash line. I'm also a fan of Sonia Roselli's new line of brushes.  Sonia is a makeup artist herself and her brushes are exquisite.

sonia roselli makeup brushes

And don't forget those foundation brushes, as they can blend your foundation better than any sponge, not to mention the fact that you'll use a lot less foundation when you use a brush. Just dab some foundation on the back of your hand and dot with the brush before you apply it to your face. It will give you the right amount of coverage, without looking overdone.  

I have hundreds of brushes in my kit, but if you're not a professional, most likely you don't need more than ten. I recommend that every woman have a foundation brush, powder brush, concealer brush, a blush brush (and separate one for contouring), a few just for your eyes (domed, blending, smudge and an angled brush for eyeliner) and a lip brush.

If you have specific questions on brands or types of brushes, please don't hesitate to contact me. 702-498-LIPS

As I've said for years, your makeup only looks as good as your skin underneath it, but it also only looks as good as the tools you use to apply it. 

Til next time.  BJ

Barbra Jo Batterman