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As we start to age, we may need a bit more makeup to achieve that natural look we all seem to love. 

Even if you had oily skin in your younger years, as we age you may find your skin a bit dehydrated. You still may need an oil free moisturizer or an additional night cream. I have a friend who still gets oily and needs blotting papers, but underneath she has dry skin and by applying the correct products, her skin is looking fabulous. Get an expert opinion!

For dry maturing skin, it is always good to change up your skin care and go with something a bit richer.

I recommend always using a primer before your foundation, as it helps achieve a much smoother natural appearance on your skin. 

Often a cream blush versus a powder blush can help you with a more natural look. Stay away from anything iridescent or too much shimmer on those cheek bones and eyes. Be aware that by using anything too light or frosted on your brow, it  brings attention to your brow bone, not your eyes. When somebody looks at you, you want them to see your eyes, not your brow bone. Eyebrows should look natural, not too penciled in. Yes, it's true that when we age, the ends of our eyebrows tend to drop down. I hear women joke all the time about their eyebrows ending up at their chin, and if that was the case, I would suggest getting out the wax or the tweezers. Trust me, we're harder on ourselves and notice things that others don't.   

For hair, there is always the question that as you age, should you go with a shorter style and a lighter hair color. In my opinion I believe black hair can be a bit harsh, but it doesn't mean we can't have brunettes over 40! 


For length, not everybody needs a bob. Just make sure the hair that frames your face is not bringing your face down or accentuating a dropping jaw line.


Till next time. BJ

Barbra Jo Batterman