MONDAY MUST HAVES: Something for everybody

Makeup artist las vegas
Final prep before we r live on last day of #HPDiscover  2015 exec set

Final prep before we r live on last day of#HPDiscover 2015 exec set

Skincare for the face and body - Dr. Harold Lancer is a Beverly Hill's dermatologist who has an incredible line of skincare products. During his recent trip to Las Vegas, I discovered his new 3-step method to great skin for the body, including a gentle, skin resurfacing treatment for the body. This polish contains minerals and a warming element to remove dull, dead surface cells to increase oxygen levels and prepare skin for moisturizing and other treatments.  You can read more about his skincare here. And for a limited time only, Nordstrom is having a gift with purchase of his new body line, while supplies last and online only.  

Pressed Powder -  It's not always the expensive makeup lines that make the best products. I use just as many products from the local drugstore as I do a high-end department store.


One such product is L'Oreal's True Match Pressed PowderIt's so lightweight that it feels like you're not putting product on your skin. It's a mineral formula that comes in eight shades. There's no shine to the product and one of the things I love is that you can build for more coverage.  


Foundation -  Cinema Secrets Foundation is not your everyday foundation, but instead a professional product that covers everything from bruising, tattoos, sun damage and scars. It's a staple in my professional makeup kit and I use it on most every commercial shoot on some part of the body. It's creamy, free of mineral oil, lanolin and pet products and is completely waterproof. It's even used in the medical field. Got something to cover up? This just may be the product for you.


Hair Powder - Another secret I would like to share this month is Toppik Hair Powder. It's not really a dry shampoo, but a powder that helps thinning hair (for both men and women) appear to have more volume. I use it quite a bit on stage since lights are usually not set for all skin and hair types. It comes in a variety of colors and is applied with an atomizer. 

Til next time.  BJ