successful makeup artist

Here's my ten makeup tips for a glamorous night out:

  1. Maybe skip the glittery eye shadow if you're over 50. It tends to set in places you don't want to accentuate.
  2. Experiment with a bold lip color (but try it out first, instead of using it for the first time when you're getting ready for that big night out).
  3. Play up either a smokey eye or a bold lip, but probably don't do both. 
  4. Experiment with highlighter (again, before that big night out), using it above the cheekbones, and even on your shoulders if you're baring them for the evening.
  5. Glosses for lips are great, whether you're going bold or neutral. Try putting the gloss only in the middle of the lips, not overall or on the corners. Just like in the picture above.
  6. Try out one of the new lip plumpers, either under your regular lipstick, or a lipstick brand that includes them.
  7. Go bold on mascara. There are so many that work for full or sparse lashes.
  8. Bring out the falsies! Whether you buy them at the drugstore or stop by Sephora or other store to put them on for you. 
  9. Try using eyeliners in the water line, if you're looking for a more dramatic look. Inglot has a great waterproof gel liner that won't budge.
  10. Don't be scared to use a liquid liner to draw past your eyelid, giving a cat eye look. Mac Brushstroke has a great brush to achieve that look. 
Barbra Jo Batterman