2018 Makeup Trends, with NARS and MAC


While I never follow them to the letter, nor should you, it's fun to learn about new trends in makeup and skincare, if for no other reason than to try something new.

I asked a few reps from brands that I like (MAC and NARS), to fill us in on some of the trends they see in the year ahead. Here's some of what they said.


For NARS, 2018  is all about skin. How to create dimension with the right concealers and perfect shade of complexion. Liquid make up is the number one trend at NARS this season. Even spring is all about the nudes. Their image tag line is, "out with the old, in the with nude". Highlight and dimensional skin.  


I was recently invited to a NARS preview and bought some of the new products. More about that in a minute.


How does makeup make you feel? 

For 2018, makeup moves beyond what it looks like; now artists are exploring the myriad moods that makeup can ignite and convey. The days of artists dictating makeup "trends" that we should slavishly copy are a thing of the past. What's new is the catwalk providing a multitude of inspiring options, as perfectly mirrored by the fact that unconventional and individual beauty is now the norm - not the exception - on the runway. It doesn't feel like a dare or a risk to be yourself: the concept of diversity is, thankfully, the new normal. 


For 2018, inspired executions of liquid eye liner ranges from elegant (wings, cat eye) to experimental (disconnected shapes, jagged texture). It feels current when worn alone. 

Wearing liner is a considered choice: it really puts your eyes forward and projects feeling - strength, rebellion, glamour. There are so many moods that eyeliner can project."

Whatever its particular incarnation, the thing to calibrate with graphic black around the eyes is "dimension." Tight and in the waterline "narrows the gaze for a harder look;" disconnected "makes the eyes larger and has a coolness to it;" thicker strokes plus mascara "gives a doe-y, more glamorous look." All good reasons to grab a liner and experiment this season.

Another trend is the consideration of natural as a beauty standard.

The scope of its current iteration revolves around the idea of freshness, spanning from seemingly makeup-less to a more "manufactured" natural. 

Contemporary natural makeup blurs rather than erases, accentuates rather than transforms. Artists are interested in grooming the individual more than making them appear "perfect," which means it's largely fingers, not brushes; creams, not powders; organic, not calculated.

2018 celebrates the "healthy" nude, as opposed to raw, blank or grungy nudes. "It's 'done,' but you don't see it." 

Till next time.  BJ

Barbra Jo Batterman