My Top Five Must Haves


A friend of mine recently asked me, "What products can you simply not live without?"

Well, to be honest, that answer changes quite often, but here's what I said in reply.

1. For day, Refineé Anti-Aging Eye Treatment with Dermaxyl (not expensive)


2. NARS Mult-Action Hydrating Toner (before moisturizer...helps prep skin for foundation)


3.  Laura Mercier primers (great under foundation)


4.  NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation (Looks like skin, not makeup. Easy build for added coverage)


5.  Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask - I love masks, and this one is a 100% natural beta-hydroxy exfoliating mask for an instant glow. Active enzymes increase cell renewal, smooths the surface of the skin and reduces redness & pores.


Til next time.  BJ

Barbra Jo Batterman