Anyone who knows me knows that I love lips. So, I thought it was about time to devote an entire article talking about tips and products to keep them looking and feeling their best.

It's all about exfoliating (but don't overdo it), moisturizing and wearing sunscreen during daytime hours.


As I've mentioned before in my newsletter, if you're more of a DIY man or woman, there's nothing wrong with taking some oils (olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil) and mixing it with some granulated white or brown sugar to make your own scrubs. I suggest exfoliating with this mixture at night and then following up with a lip moisturizer or serum (more to come on those).

If you prefer buying a product for this purpose, there are several good ones on the market by Fresh, Tarte and Bliss, just to name a few.

A friend of mine recently received a new lip exfoliant in her July Allure Beauty Box from a company called Beauty For Real. It's called Lip Revival, and I'm looking forward to her review on this lip scrub, as the company's products are PETA Cruelty Free and paraben free. I know that is important to many of my readers.   

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From their website, this hydrating sugar lip scrub has plant oils and raw sugar to exfoliate with orange, vanilla and cinnamon bark essential oils to hydrate and protect lips. To find out more about this product and where to purchase, visit here.

I suggest exfoliating your lips twice a week, or three at the very most.

Moisturizing and SPF protection

A great lip serum for lips is available from Rodan + Fields, the well-known dermatologists. 

REDEFINE™ Lip Renewing Serum is rich with peptides and Vitamin E and is known to smooth lip texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It's also good for dryness around the lips.


As you can see by the pic below, the serum comes in capsule form and each capsule is good for at least three days worth of serum. You can use this morning or night and you'll notice a difference pretty quick. 

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Another great lip mask is one that I've mentioned before in my newsletter from Bite Beauty.

Beauty Agave Lip Mask is worth mentioning again as several of my readers bought it after I featured it last year, and then wrote me raving that it worked better than any other evening lip balm or moisturizer they had ever tried.

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It's a bit sticky compared to the serum mentioned above, but if you use it at night before you go to bed, your lips will thank you in the morning.

For daytime, I've animate about wearing a lip sunscreen at all times. Please use sunscreen everyday, especially if you live in a climate with a lot of bright, sunny days.

A cult product that contains SPF 15 is Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen, a product that moisturizes, protects and smooths the lips. It comes in many shades and can be worn sheer or used as buildable color. It also comes in clear (men, your lips need sunscreen too) if you're looking to put it over your regular lipstick.


This lip treatment provides essential, year-round protection from damaging UV rays. 
If you're looking for an inexpensive drugstore brand, I recommend Blistex DCT, which combines moisturizers, vitamins and protectants to provide a daily maintenance regimen for your lips.

This product is SPF 20 and contains aloe vera and cocoa butter to both soften and smooth the surface of the lip.


You can find it in CVS and Walgreens, either at the counter or where the chapstick is sold. It retails for about $2.99.

Till next time.  BJ

Barbra Jo Batterman