BJ Batterman

Las Vegas Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

With Las Vegas establishing itself as the entertainment capital of the world, professional makeup artist Barbra Jo Batterman has established herself as the makeup artist and stylist of choice for many that work and play here.
BJ serves men and women who are ready to look and feel their best and be their most authentic and empowered self. She gives them the tools that will bring more confidence and wellness into their daily practices and helps them discover their "true self" and own it!

When she's not on set or grooming someone's brows (She's obsessed with brows!) you may find her hiking or chatting away (no, she's not a crazy lady talking to herself, she has her ear buds in her ears) to one of her numerous beloved friends. Thank goodness for modern technology.

Work with Barbra Jo once and you’ll know why hundreds won’t use anyone else for their Las Vegas makeup and stylist needs. She enjoys what she does and it shows. Come take a look!