As a professional makeup artist, Barbra Jo Batterman does everything from making celebrities look flawless to transforming actors into costumed characters. Television makeup can improve or alter someone’s appearance, add character to a face, make a face appear natural under various lighting conditions or create special effects such as scars, tattoos and even alter someone’s age.

Makeup is an essential part of the television and film industry as it is often required to just retain a subject’s normal appearance due to the process of television and film, in addition to making modifications, as noted above. For the past 35 years, Barbra Jo has been hired by film and television producers, photographers, advertising executives and

celebrities to make them look good on television and in film, or in many cases, do her best to make them someone you would never recognize.

The advent of High Definition Television (HDTV) has added another layer of technique used by professional makeup artists such as Barbra Jo. With HDTV, basic makeup is necessary for someone to look natural, especially in close-ups. In addition, lighting determines what type of makeup should be used, as a made-up face would look different under studio lights or fluorescent lights, and vastly different under sunlight for an outdoor shoot.

A professional makeup artist works on more than just the subject’s face. Makeup is often required for hands, especially during a close-up, or on the ears to tone them down and is often used to cover tan lines. Recent examples of Barbra Jo Batterman’s work in this area include television shoots for the American Country Awards, World Poker Tournament and the Billboard Music Awards.

Years of experience are what separate the best TV makeup artists from all the rest. Barbra Jo Batterman has been the go-to Las Vegas makeup artist for many years for television shows produced by Dick Clark Productions, CNN and Bravo. When productions come to town for Good Morning America, the Food Network or ABC Sports, Barbra Jo is the Las Vegas makeup artist they call first, as she is well-known for her television work and HDTV expertise.

Uncommonly known by non-professionals in the business is that men often require more makeup than women to look natural on camera, especially in high definition. Men of note that have recently used Barbra Jo for television makeup include President Barack Obama, Paul McCartney and George Stephanopoulos, just to name a few.

Television makeup is a specialty and when a television producer or cameraman is looking to shoot a commercial, television program or live production in Las Vegas, Barbra Jo Batterman is their television makeup artist of choice.